Today hasn’t quite gone to plan due to a small plastic container that my wife uses to keep vitamins in being hidden at the back of the oven.

She was baking a couple of apple pies for dinner tonight with friends, when the kitchen filled with smoke. Out came the barely cooked pies along with the oven shelves, and there at the back of the oven was the melted remains of the container and a few vitamins. I’m not sure where the container had been sitting as bits of it had also dripped onto various other shelves of the oven. We can only think that one of grandkids hid it in there for a joke. They are away skiing right now and so we will probably never know.

Anyway, I have spent most of the day scraping and rubbing dried melted plastic off the shelves and fittings of the oven. Then I heated up the oven to a high heat to melt the main congealed lump that was sitting on the oven floor, so that I could first scrape it off with a trowel and then use wet iron wool to wipe off the remainder.

And now it is late afternoon…