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Monday March 25, 2024

Hello and welcome to another weekly roundup of posts to my blog.

This has been a wet winter and as such some outside jobs that needed to be done in the garden have been sitting, waiting for the weather to clear up. Seasons here in Hawaii don’t have as clear a delineation as more northerly latitudes, but there is a definite change in weather patterns. In the part of Maui where I live the weather becomes wetter, and although the day time temperatures can reach the high 70F(21C), mornings and evenings are cold and the trade winds that blow through the islands can be chilly.

This last week, the weather has started to clear…at least there have been windows, and I used it as an opportunity to get outside and tackle invasive plants taking over, power washing concrete on which mold can grow in our hot and humid climate. The upshot of this has seen me posting less this week, especially as the week progressed.

Another victim on the outdoor work has been my runs on theΒ Watch To 5KΒ program that I’ve been following. I’ve worked as much as the day has allowed and exhausted myself in the process…so no running. The exhaustion piece has also been a lesson to me in my running. Each week the program has me running more and walking less. On top of that the running intervals are longer. By the end of the last run I was truly wondering how I was going to keep this up and just took an extra day off both through tiredness and feeling a bit dispirited. However, a chance conversation on Mastodon with a coach has given me some perspective, reminded me that I am not to expect the same results as forty years ago (now there’s a surprise!), and suggested some helpful pacing and running schedules for me going forward. I hope to get back into it this week.

Until next week…

Thank you for reading.