I remember being in college when Space Invaders first came out. Then there was Asteroids, Pac Man, and a few other Space Invaders variants. Pinball machines were still available in UK pubs, and then as Space Invaders started their, um, invasion, evenings moved from trying to keep a metal ball on the playing field to huddling around the boxes that housed Invaders and the like, trying to better your score.

I was never that good at these games. Maybe they just weren’t my thing or I did not have the aptitude necessary to improve my game.

Recently I think that nostalgia got the better of me. I purchased The Iconfactory’s iOS app, Ollie’s Arcade. Recreating the video games of yesteryear, three of them and done very well as The Iconfactory do, they are a fun to play. However, I am still not very good at them. My scores remain low, but I keep on coming back for more.