Here’s a modern day paradox that has just arrived. A Christmas card from a Tibetan monastery.

With the sky last night being clear and there being no wind, we BBQ’d and sat round a fire.

The rain and resultant humid weather that we have had over the last few days appears to have resulted in some interesting flowers growing amongst the mulch.

I just completed this jigsaw puzzle of Sea Anemones. My first for a long time. It was difficult because the puzzle was not made up of regular shapes. Even some of the edges were not clear. But it was fun to do. 🧩

Taking a post Christmas dinner snooze.

Completed. I haven’t put Lego together for a long time. This was satisfying. It was a little too much for my grandson.

I spent about three hours preparing our Anniversary dinner last night. It was a Japanese vegan dinner from the cookery book, Vegan Japaneasy: Over 80 Delicious Plant-Based Japanese Recipes. In the photograph below, on the left is a Shiitake, Onion and Potato Stew, and on the right is a Portobello …

Married on the Winter Solstice 14 years ago today.

Wet weather fun in Maui.

A double rainbow crossed the sky this morning while I was on the phone to my mother. 🌈

Colours at dusk.

Thanksgiving 2021. 😄…there was much good company, food and chatter in between. Before After

The Spanish Dagger Yucca (those leaves are pointed and sharp) is flowering.

Not the clearest of photographs, but from left to right - Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Venus.

A simple costume for Halloween last night. The pueo, the owl.

Heading back to Maui today. I’ll be sorry to leave this little cabin.

An evening fire.

The rustic nature of the cabin that we are staying in for a couple of nights.

Blessed with an opportunity to stay in a remote cabin in Nanakuli Forest Reserve on Oahu, built by architect Valdimir Ossipoff. Sunset from the cabin this evening.

The second hole is dug and the hatch revealed. Tomorrow the tank is cleaned and pumped.

Our septic tank sits under the front lawn. Today I uncovered one if it’s hatches, carefully saving the sections of lawn to put back in place once the tank is emptied. The second hatch, which I found and marked out at the end of the day, I’ll probably dig out tomorrow.

This morning’s rainbow 🌈

Happy faces as myself and three good friends finished an 11.2 mile hike across Haleakala crater, at the Halemau’u Trailhead, earlier this year. ( October photo challenge, Day 18)

The map on this screen was my compass, and helped me see where we were as I headed back across the Atlantic a couple of weeks ago.

This wheel is not going very far. ( October photo challenge, Day 14)