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Crossing The Threshold
Meditation Practices for Managing Pain Jan 15, 2017 Two days before Christmas, two days before the socializing of the Holiday season really got into swing, two days before I felt that at some stage in Lessons from Japan - An Introvert’s Experience Dec 16, 2016 I recently returned from a visit to Japan. It was not my first visit to Asia, but my first visit to Japan. In my readings about introverts and Gentle Men Discussion Jul 26, 2016 I have previously held two discussions with men to explore what it means to be a quiet or gentle man who does not fully identify with the dominant Hearing It As It Is From Men Apr 10, 2016 Boy this article/post has taken a long time to come together - too long. I’m not sure why. I could probably blame writers procrastination, that An Invitation to a Discussion… Jan 25, 2016 I am sending out this invitation to men, or men who you may know in your life, to join me for a free discussion about what it means to be a gentle Meditation and the Toothbrush Dec 3, 2015 I find it interesting watching people clean their teeth. This is not a regular pastime of mine I hasten to add, but from time to time I find myself Introversion - In the Cradle of the Night Nov 20, 2015 Climbing up on Solsbury Hill I could see the city light Wind was blowing, time stood still Eagle flew out of the night” ~ Solsbury Hill, by Peter Introversion - Life in the Rear View Mirror Oct 24, 2015 When looking at my life as an introvert and HSP, I can spend a lot of time gazing into the rear view mirror. Why? Because for the greater part of my The Silence of Male Introverts & HSPs? Sep 24, 2015 I wrote this piece to explore some thoughts and observations that have been going through my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about introversion and Letting Go - A Lesson From the Road Aug 25, 2015 I am not long back from a summer holiday visiting family and friends in different parts of the US and UK. Six weeks on the road. I have be away for Being Interviewed by Melissa Schwartz - Video Jul 10, 2015 Melissa Schwartz of Leading Edge Parenting, where she coaches parents of highly sensitive children, recently interviewed me. Our discussion looked Medicine Walk - Reflections Jun 25, 2015 A little under two weeks ago I wrote about the Medicine Walk that I was planning to embark on. The time that I went out on the walk coincided with a Digital Focus (aka Mindfulness Bell) Jun 20, 2015 As I journal and reflect on the Medicine Walk that I went on last Monday, I am reminded of the importance of some digital tools that I make use of Medicine Walk - Setting Intention Jun 11, 2015 This coming Monday, June 15, I will be spending the day on a Medicine walk. I am taking the time now to share this with you as witnesses to my Some Days Suck… May 22, 2015 Some days suck and yesterday was one of them for me. That was the downside. The upside happened as the day drew to a close with a bit of wisdom that Making Friends with Boredom Apr 16, 2015 Boredom is an interesting beast. I don’t know if it is who I hang out with, but few weeks go by without someone complaining of “feeling bored.” Trust In Your Natural Wisdom Mar 6, 2015 Buddhism speaks of Buddha Nature, the fundamental nature of all beings. This is our natural, inate wisdom free from all obscurations. It is a state What the Tibetans Taught Me About Quiet Time Feb 4, 2015 I am writing this on a flight back to the US from England. I have spent the last two weeks in the UK, where I was born, visiting with family and Landing in a New Place Jan 14, 2015 Yesterday my wife and I traveled across the country, the US that is, from the north west corner to the south east in order to spend a week with my How to Approach Difficult Situations … and Manage Those Holiday Blues Dec 24, 2014 A lot of good advice has been offered online on how introverts and HSPs can manage the social demands that might come their way over the holiday Next page