David Johnson

Come and join me for sunset at the cliffs near Ho’okipa, on the north shore of Maui. In the center distance it is possible to see the island of Molokai.

Music, smells, sounds…they can all be so powerful in invoking memories. I was reminded of this while watching a short video about ABBA’s recently premiered Voyage Concert series in London. Hearing those old songs, and with listening to them on Apple Music as I type this, I am transported to the time …

A clear, starlit sky over our home.

The struggle sometimes (always?…no, I’ll stick with sometimes) of putting pen to paper, tapping on the keys, and getting a piece of writing finished and ready to go public. This critical, judgmental voice in the head crying out the piece’s imperfections or the way it will be received. And, of …

Morning rainbow 🌈

Another day draws to an end.

I’m nurturing some stiff muscles this morning, along with happy memories after hiking through Haleakala Crater yesterday.

I’ll be hiking through Haleakala Crater tomorrow. I’m looking forward to being in that other world environment. Not so much to a couple of steep climbs on the route. Here’s a video of a rainbow at the summit, dropping down into the Crater, in early December last year.

Sage advise in a public restroom.

A new version of iA Writer has dropped today, version 6.0, along with a new website. I have been beta testing v.6 and while there are new tools that I like and appreciate, I am generally underwhelmed by such a major upgrade. UI changes on iOS are welcome (lightening menu) content blocks feel tidier …

Just a few years after the movies release(1989!), I finally got round to watching Dead Poets Society and enjoyed it very much. What a lovely man Robin Williams was, and such a loss in his passing. 🍿

I won’t be watching the WWDC keynote. I have never watched an Apple Keynote. However, I will be keeping an eye on news sites and the Micro.blog timeline later in the day to learn what goodies Apple has in store for us - and opinions of those goodies! 

Let the party begin. My grandson is having his 6th birthday party today. This water slide appeared outside this morning.

I’ve started playing around with Tot Pocket and Siri Shortcuts for getting text to different places. I don’t know if I will stick with this setup, but I realized what I have at hand and don’t use.

We watched the movie Language Lessons on HBO Max last night. Very different. Very “of the times”. Like a series of Zoom calls. Well acted, it held me. I recommend it. 🍿

Finished reading: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It felt to me like a contemporary presentation of Buddhist teachings on death, impermanence and letting go. I’m already trying to bring an awareness of what Burkeman talked about into my life, and will be …

Coming back from time at the beach and a swim in the ocean, taking a shower, and that taste of salt as water washes away the dried salt in your hair.

Remembering my father: sitting at home on a Sunday morning, listening to Classical music and reading (though he would probably be doing the weekly difficult crossword puzzle in the Sunday newspaper).

We watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) this evening. I knew nothing about the Tammy Faye & Jim Baker story, but thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Jessica Chastain’s performance as Tammy Faye was superb. 🍿

It’s been hard to find time to write today. I’m feeling it.

Meditation and the Spaciousness of the Mind

There is a wonderful description of meditation which describes the role that the mind’s innate spaciousness can play in meditation practice. I have read a couple of versions of this story, my retelling probably borrows from both. It goes something like this… Meditation is like trying to tame a wild …

Evening light as rain approaches, a rainbow framing the scene. 🌈

Reflecting at the end of another day.

I never met Corey B. Marion, the founder of The Iconfactory, but feel as though I in part knew him through the omni presence of The Iconfactory in my Apple life - Icons, Desktops, a host of apps including of course Twitterrific (which will be how I always see Twitter). Thank you and RIP Corey.

I’ve dropped the ball with Micro.blog’s current May Photoblogging Challenge, not getting past Day 1. Then when I do sit up and find a photo for one of the prompts, I am a day late! So this one is for yesterday, Day 22 textile, from my wife’s online store for vintage textiles and ceramics, Cloth and …