David Johnson

The mystery of jigsaw puzzles. I have a group of pieces that I stare at for days, convinced that I still have to find one or two pieces that will bring them all together. Then one day I sit down and, click, click, click, they all come together. No other pieces needed. 🧩🤷🏼‍♂️

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 9: Together, suggested by @sherif

Two mannequins standing side by side as the market is set up. Lisbon, Portugal.

Two mannequin’s standing together as the market is setup in Lisbon, Portugal

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 8: Walk, suggested by @lwdupon

A photo of a projected slide from my time in India in 1989. I’m unsure where I took this, but I think that it was in Bihar State.

Groups of people, one with a people, and cows in India walking across a dry river bed with a few puddles

Your windy morning, double rainbow 🌈 A double rainbow above our garden as a Kona (westerly) storm blows through

A Kona, westly, storm is battering Maui right now. Sheets of rain being blown by winds I would say gusting into the 40’s mph, at least into the 30’s (he says after consulting multiple weather sources).

Of all the movies that I thought that I would watch again, This Is Where I Leave You was not one of them.

Looking for something easy going, we chose this movie, thinking that maybe it looked familiar? Indeed it was. Early on it was apparent that this was not a first viewing, but we still watched it through to the end.

It served its purpose. Easy to watch at the end of a tiring day, a simple if predictable story, and funny. 🍿

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day : Whole, suggested by @val

I’m always grateful for the whole bean coffee that I buy from Sterling Coffee Roasters in Portland. I’ve made sure to write to them to let them know. Here is their always available, general blend - Blendo Stupendo.

Sterling Coffee from Portland Oregon, Blendo Stupendo coffee beans 10 ounce bag

I find that it is easy to take for granted the many conveniences that we have these days, until we don’t have them. The power went out this morning around 7:00am and didn’t come back on again until 3:00pm. I’ve no idea why. Pretty much everything went down with it, including our ability to make calls as the cell signal is already weak and we rely on WiFi calling.

Gratitude for all that we have, and those who keep the services running.

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 6: Engineering, suggested by @ridwan

For all the advancements in digital technology, I am fascinated by the precision engineering that goes into analog clocks and watches. This photo is the back of a clock hanging in my mother’s apartment.

Looking sideways into the inner workings of a clock

Three egrets fly home in formation. Home to roost before another day of foraging.

The first dry, windless day for weeks. Couple that with it being a Sunday, and by mid-afternoon the hum of lawn mowers could be heard around the neighborhood.

I was adding to the noise by getting wet and dirty with a power washer, removing grime accumulated through the wet weather.

My wife and I have been watching Shrinking on Apple TV+, and thoroughly enjoying it. Funny, well written, and a good cast. Recommended. 🍿

🌞 The first morning waking up to sun for a long time. Much gratitude.

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 4: Tile, suggested by @thedimpause

After our recent visits to Portugal, I feel spoiled for choice for tiles to share today. These were taken in Porto.

Tiles in Porto Portugal

This morning’s rainbow 🌈

Morning rainbow over the garden after a brief shower, with the sun coming out

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 4: Zip, suggested by @Miraz

This car, sitting in front of our hotel in Florence, Italy last year, looked as though it had some zip to it.

A sporty racing car sitting in front of our hotel in Florence, Italy

Finished reading: Life Ceremony by Sayaka Murata 📚

♨️ We just put a heater on. It's cold this evening, in our corner of Maui.

Spinning wheels today…that’s what it feels like right now. The day started off well, but the wheels got progressively bogged down in the mud as the day has gone on, at least that is how it feels from where I sit right now. Maybe I am too hard on myself and need to take a break, and do something different when the results aren’t coming?

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 3: Solitude, suggested by @circustiger

At dusk on a cold evening, a lone fisherman sits waiting on the beach in Comporta, Portugal.

A lone fisherman on the beach in Comporta, Portugal, at sunset

☔ I haven’t seen so much rain here. Since I landed back on island a week ago, there has been rain with short breaks, and a lot of wind. I just drove home with wipers doing double speed, and rivers forming alongside the road.

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 2: Weather, suggested by @pcora

We’ve been having terrible weather of late. Continual wind and rain, with the occasional glimpse of sun. Cold as well.

Heavy grey clouds approaching over the garden as the next wave of rain comes in

🌧️ It’s pouring out there. “Out there,” is outside of my truck. I have come to off load the recycling, but it is raining so much that for now I am not venturing out.

March 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 1: Secure, suggested by @mandaris

A plant behind a secure window in Florence, Italy.

A plant in a window which has a metal mesh stopping anything from falling out or getting in

Well that will teach me. I saw a passage earlier today that I liked, and thought that I would build a blog post around. “I’ll remember where the text is," I said to myself, “I’ll pick it up later."

Remembering it now and wanting to write that post, I have no idea where I saw it. Lesson learnt. Next time I will bookmark it, copy and paste it somewhere where I’ll find it, or simply write it down.

And in a funny way, I still wrote a blog post around it.