David Johnson

This morning was the calm after the storm. The storm was last night. I was woken up to rain drumming down on the roof. I just lay in bed listening to this furious, high tempo deluge falling on us, and feeling grateful that I was inside. Each time the rain took a pause, I found myself feeling …

💡 That moment when the penny drops.

☎️ A morning of research and sitting on the telephone.

Today has been a funny day. I feel as though I never really got going.

🌦️ Watching sun light shine through misty rain.

Maui, Micro Climates and Climate Change

Maui is known for having a lot of micro climates. Lush tropical vegetation, barren volcano slopes dropping down to the ocean, cool high elevations, hot humid coastal lowlands. We live on the north east side of Maui, and yesterday went to a birthday party at a park on the south east shore, 34 miles …

🧺 Busy about the house this morning.

😳 I think that I slept too long this afternoon, I can’t sleep now.

We watched Raymond & Ray last night. A quirky movie about two brothers, played by Ethan Hawke & Ewan McGregor, coming together at the time of their father’s funeral. I enjoyed it even if I struggled with McGregor’s US accent. 🍿

👨‍💻 testing a shortcut…on my phone.

We watched Causeway last night. Compelling just for the performances of Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry. 🍿

I’m frustrated that I cannot successfully upload images to Micro.blog via Siri Shortcuts. I am aware that Shortcuts exist, but they appear to timeout with me. Maybe it is the internet speed on this island? Via apps or directly, no problem. Any hacks appreciated.

There are times when I appreciate living on the wetter side of the island. Good, lazy Saturday morning weather.

I managed to complete my first yoga routine on Fitnesss+ since returning from my travelS. Those twenty minutes stretching with Molly felt very good and welcome.

🧹 Feeling lighter after an email cleanup.

😲 Wow! It’s Thursday already. We’ve been back a week…a busy week.

Exploring the possibilities of a Wise account. It appears, to me, to be very much modern day banking.

🥱 Tired, oh so tired. The last few weeks traveling and a busy return have caught up with me.

Today I voted for the first time as newly minted US Citizen. It feels good to finally have a say in the country where I have lived for the last fifteen years. Feeling empowered. 🇺🇸

Falling Back

While we were in Europe I appreciated that Sunday morning on October 29th when the clocks went back, and Daylight Savings Time in Europe (or British Summer Time as we referred to it in the UK) dropped away with the arrival of autumn. We had just completed a long drive into the foothills of the …

Phew 😮‍💨, it’s humid today.

The shadowed outlines of the Maui landscape emerge in the pre-dawn light, as a jet lagged me drinks his early morning coffee on my first morning back home for many weeks. ☕️

🏡 Home.

Looking out of my hotel window as flocks of birds fly by in the dawn light.

🏝 Getting ready to leave for the final part of the journey home.