David Johnson

We watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) this evening. I knew nothing about the Tammy Faye & Jim Baker story, but thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Jessica Chastain’s performance as Tammy Faye was superb. 🍿

It’s been hard to find time to write today. I’m feeling it.

Meditation and the Spaciousness of the Mind

There is a wonderful description of meditation which describes the role that the mind’s innate spaciousness can play in meditation practice. I have read a couple of versions of this story, my retelling probably borrows from both. It goes something like this… Meditation is like trying to tame a wild …

Evening light as rain approaches, a rainbow framing the scene. 🌈

Reflecting at the end of another day.

I never met Corey B. Marion, the founder of The Iconfactory, but feel as though I in part knew him through the omni presence of The Iconfactory in my Apple life - Icons, Desktops, a host of apps including of course Twitterrific (which will be how I always see Twitter). Thank you and RIP Corey.

I’ve dropped the ball with Micro.blog’s current May Photoblogging Challenge, not getting past Day 1. Then when I do sit up and find a photo for one of the prompts, I am a day late! So this one is for yesterday, Day 22 textile, from my wife’s online store for vintage textiles and ceramics, Cloth and …

An Incredible Journey

Not my choice of title, but the title that journalist Sarah Ruppenthal used following her interview with me four years ago. I was reminded of the article recently when an old friend got in touch having come across it online. I first met Sarah when she came to do an article about the house that my …

I watched Licorice Pizza last night and enjoyed it. Maybe dragged a little in the middle? I’ve been listening to the soundtrack today, a rewind to the early 70s. 🍿

We recently watched Operation Mincemeat on Netflix, the movie of the story that I linked to in this post. I enjoy films that cover aspects of history from the Second World War, and this one did not disappoint. 🍿

The heat of the day wanes. The gentle wind that moved in late afternoon, stills. The night creatures start to emerge as dusk settles over the landscape. Stillness. Quiet. The end of another day.

Memories of The Road

Summer has arrived here in Maui, at least a preview of what summer is to bring. The last few days have been devoid of wind, hot and muggy - and has included a well timed air conditioning breakdown (hopefully that is not a preview of summer as well!). By late afternoon the air is still and feels as …

Those days when I feel as though I am wrestling with my own mind for what is going to get done.

Watching the performers, the creatives, the writers, artists and musicians, those who have dared to put themselves out there unsure of return. Doing so simply because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else….other than sharing their creativity with others.

Menehune Mayhem

I spent yesterday at the Menehune Mayhem competition at Ho’okipa Beach Park. This is a surf competition for kids established a number of years ago by pro-surfer Ian Walsh. The thin sliver of a beach that Ho’okipa is was packed, with all visitors and competitors being focused on one end of the beach …

I took this photo of what I’m calling a Ghost Rainbow at around 8:15pm this evening, and it had just been raining.

We recently saw Waterman, a documentary about Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, or “Duke” as he was affectionately known, Olympic gold medalist, world record holder and surfer. I had known about Duke for a long time, but did not know his story. This documentary does a good job of showing who the man …

I think that this plant is an Agave Vivipara L.? For the last week we have been watching this stalk grow out of the center of one of these plants, with absolutely no idea what final result will be? We are assuming a flower or flowers of some sort. It has taken approximately five years to get to this …

We took our grandsons and their cousins to see a movie last week. As I stepped into the cinema I realized that it was probably my first time in a movie theatre for over two years. With COVID having been the reason for the absence, I could feel my trepidation as we stepped in.

This is not a droid sitting on a wall, but a movement sensor switch for a light sitting above it. My first entry for the May 2022 Photo Blogging Challenge.


We arrived at the restaurant. A sign hanging from a rope in front of the door asked us to ring the doorbell. A waiter opened the door, greeted us, asked if we had a reservation, "no," we replied. This did not appear to matter as the rope was unclipped, we were gestured to enter and shown to a table. …

We finally got round to watching CODA last night, and both enjoyed it very much. A feel good movie, but with some beautiful touches enabled by the movie’s subject matter. It took me into a world that I know nothing about. Well worth the praise and honours that it has received. 🍿

Hello, Bookstore This is one that I will be looking out for. June 28th is bookmarked. In Theaters April 29. On Amazon & Apple TV June 28.

Be nimble…catching up with some photos from our March visit to Porto.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s message yesterday for Earth Day.