Update on December 17, 2020: I have now moved the videos from YouTube to my YouTube page.

Following the daily meditation sessions through April, I have decided to continue the meditations through May, just with fewer sessions. During May I will host two sessions a week, Monday and Thursday. They will be held live at 1:00pm Hawaiian time (to help - 3 hours behind the US West coast, 6 hours behind the East coast, 11 hours behind the UK, and 22 hours behind New Zealand). All videos will be archived on YouTube for later watching, as are the April sessions.

On the days between the meditations I plan to post short reminders about aspects of meditation on this page of my Micro.blog site. Just bookmark this page.

If there is sufficient interest and I can work things out logistically at home, I might have a meditation day, having three live meditation sessions (morning, lunchtime and late afternoon). Please let me know if you are interested in this and I will look into the logistics. Here are my contact details.

For more details, including April’s meditations, please visit my YouTube page. Otherwise, I hope to see you this coming Monday, May 4 for the first meditation session of the May series.