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Crossing The Threshold
Making Friends with Boredom Apr 16, 2015 Boredom is an interesting beast. I don’t know if it is who I hang out with, but few weeks go by without someone complaining of “feeling bored.” Trust In Your Natural Wisdom Mar 6, 2015 Buddhism speaks of Buddha Nature, the fundamental nature of all beings. This is our natural, inate wisdom free from all obscurations. It is a state What the Tibetans Taught Me About Quiet Time Feb 4, 2015 I am writing this on a flight back to the US from England. I have spent the last two weeks in the UK, where I was born, visiting with family and Landing in a New Place Jan 14, 2015 Yesterday my wife and I traveled across the country, the US that is, from the north west corner to the south east in order to spend a week with my How to Approach Difficult Situations … and Manage Those Holiday Blues Dec 24, 2014 A lot of good advice has been offered online on how introverts and HSPs can manage the social demands that might come their way over the holiday Thresholds Dec 17, 2014 The URL to this website is made up of the words “Crossing The Threshold.” While it informs my work, I have until now made no reference to its An Attitude of Gratitude Nov 21, 2014 Every Thursday evening at a yoga class that I use to attend we started class by sitting in a circle, introducing ourselves, expressing any injuries An Aesop Fable and Introversion Nov 14, 2014 We have been experiencing some very windy weather here in the Pacific North West. Accompanied by some unseasonably cold temperatures, the wind chill Broad Shoulders Aren’t Always Necessary Nov 1, 2014 How do you deal with those situations where someone dishes out an attack on you, offering accusatory remarks that are untrue? Their words are spoken Keeping the Gremlins at Bay Oct 24, 2014 See if this rings true for you? You’ve just got off a telephone call or are out of a meeting where something was said to you that felt like a blow Strive for Perfection, Stay in Practice Sep 21, 2014 Practice - to rehearse, to work at, to train; from the Greek Praktikos - active, practical. Practice is a word that we use to describe our Meditation In Service of Introverts Aug 30, 2014 Meditation and introversion have something in common - the mind. For introverts the mind is a place of activity, but also a place of refuge. Riding Up That Hill Aug 21, 2014 I’ll have to ask you to fill in the blanks on this one. I am writing about extroverts and introverts, but any dualism can be exchanged in Quiet Time, Space, Mindfulness and Focus Aug 13, 2014 How much time do you give to be just with yourself? Why should you want to?  For six mornings of the week members of Portland Japanese Garden have The Silent Warrior Jul 2, 2014 When I hear the word “warrior” I usually think of a fearsome character going off into battle, probably on horse back. Such a person appears to me as A Bed of Leaves Jun 12, 2014 British winter days are short. Throw in a blanket of grey cloud cover and any daylight there was soon diminishes. For some this sort of weather is The Hypnotic Sound of Silence May 30, 2014 Life can be a game of give and take at times. We’d prefer things to be one way but for one reason or another we are called to meet the situation “I Use to be an Introvert, But…” Apr 25, 2014 When people ask what I do and I reply that I work with introverts I am surprised how often I hear back the comment, “I used to be an introvert, Viewing Life from Another Perspective Apr 7, 2014 Whether introverted or extroverted in nature a change in perspective can help navigate trying times, indeed even make the seemingly impossible Managing Overwhelm (II) Mar 31, 2014 In the last article we looked at scenarios where you find yourself becoming overwhelmed. That is you are at an event, whether business or social, Next page